July 26, 2004

Chat with Vicente: 4:00 EST

This is the first installment of BPF's chat series, featuring players currently on the disabled list. This week, our readers spoke with Vicente Padilla on a number of issues.

Jacob in Wernersville: Do you blame Doug Glanville for blowing Eric Milton's no-hitter?

Vicente: I don’t think it’s right to blame Dougie. He’s the kind of teammate who’ll always be there to lend you a sweater on a cold night. I remember a game two years ago in Denver when temperatures dipped into the 40s. Doug wasn’t playing much back then, so he had time to go back to the clubhouse and cook up some hot cocoa. Eric wasn’t on the team then, but if he was, I’m sure Dougie would have brought him a cup, too.

Martha in Bechtelsville: I don’t think it’s right that Chase Utley has to sit on the bench. He’s a good player ... and very nice looking.

Vicente: Funny you mention that, Martha. Tomas and the boys don’t like to take Chase along to the clubs after the games because he takes all the best women. He spends lots of time on his hair. I tell him he’d save time if he just got a haircut like Tank – that’s Todd Pratt. He doesn’t need a comb.

Ed in Topton: It’s cool that you participate in these online blogs. Do you have a blog of your own?

Vicente: Tank is helping me assemble a movie blog. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on “Catwoman” with the entire world. I thought Halle Berry really peaked with "Monster's Ball" and just hasn't been taking good roles lately.

Sorry, gang, I’m out of time. Professor Kerrigan wants to fuss over me while I do some long tossing. I feel like I’m humoring him at this point.

See yah!



At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Animo, Vicente! Que te mejores!
Allentown, PA

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Animo, Vicente! Que te mejores!
Allentown, PA


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