July 09, 2004

Welcome to the top rung, Bobby

Pundits said this would be Bobby Abreu’s year.

They were right.

With last night’s walk-off homer, following news a day earlier that he’d been chosen as the last man for the NL All-Star Team, Abreu’s career has officially reached the apex we’ve been hearing about for years.

From good to great.

From All-Star caliber to All-Star.

He’s always had fine numbers, but the difference now is he’s putting them up for a first-place team at times when they really count. And he’s been just plain fun to watch. In the field, his alleged laziness is looking more like a great athlete playing a game that comes easy to him. And at the plate, he shows his usual patience but is taking more chances and driving the ball when he’s ahead in the count.

Abreu has certainly answered the call from his critics.


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