August 23, 2004

Backyard Baseball: Sanches solid in relief for R-Phils

RHP Brian Sanches has shut the door more than any Reading reliever this season.

At 26, Sanches, who was traded from the San Diego Padres in March, spent three years in the Double-A Texas League with the Kansas City Royals organization.

He's the subject of Tony Zonca's latest Phillies Pheature on the Reading Phillies Web site. Quoting from manager Greg Legg, he says the key to Sanches' success is a revamped fastball:

"Anytime Brian came in early in the year he went right to his curveball," Legg said. "I complained about it to Rod (Nichols, pitching coach). Rod made a good point: He said a lot of relievers are taught from an organization standpoint to come in the game and the first pitch is a breaking ball, strike one. Rod talked to him, and after that he's come in and thrown more fastballs. I think his fastball has got better because he's locating it better. He's having impeccable control with it, in and out, and they've worked down in the pen to get him more velocity."

In 68 innings, Sanches is 4-2 with a 2.62 ERA, 60 SO and 24 BB.

Manager Greg Legg feels confident Brian Sanches, whose childhood idle was fellow Texan Roger Clemens, is ready for the next step.


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