August 24, 2004

Myers: Closer would be ‘a lot more fun’

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers indicated he'd be all smiles if he was moved to closer. Larry Bowa intends to continue developing him as a starter.

In an article included in the e-newsletter (we all receive this and trash it), Brett Myers said being a closer “would be a lot more fun” for him.

Bowa’s reaction: “He’s a starter. We have to give him an opportunity. We may give that some thought eventually, but not now. You don’t want to make that decision at 24.”

Our take: Madson and Myers should swap roles in 2005
BPF believes Myers’ age isn’t a good enough excuse anymore, and he’s has had enough “opportunity.”

Myers has been in the starting rotation since mid-2002, giving him ample time to get comfortable, and it sounds like he’d be just that, "comfortable," coming out of the pen.

From everything we’ve heard or read about the 24-year-old, he’s like a bull a China shop and loses focus easily, as evident with every aspect of his game, even in the way he seems to change batting stances game to game.

Madson, on the other hand, was a cool cucumber this season, keeping it together in tough spots and earning the BPF coveted midseason MVP award.

Bowa’s reaction is typical Bowa
A good manager can recognize how a player can be used best, and forget what he was intended to do back on draft day.

Ron Gardenhire, manager of the AL Central-leading Twins, is a good example of a manager who pencils in his lineup card with only winning in mind. Two unlikely players who've thrived under Gardenhire include Lew Ford, a career minor leaguer, who's doing a tremendous job batting cleanup, and Johan Santana - who worked from the pen just one season ago - has emerged as staff ace and is frontrunner for the AL Cy Young.

It’s not like moving a guy to the pen is punishment, but that's the way Bowa sees it. “He’s a starter” is a perfect example of his black or white philosophy.


At 11:19 AM, Blogger Bill Liming said...

I don't think I'd be too quick to heap praise on Gardenhire. He took forever to get Justin Morneau into the lineup, hasn't figured out Rivas and Guzman suck, and has been complicit in burying Cuddyer and Restovich.

At 5:18 PM, Blogger mark said...

and don't forget Jose Offerman at DH. ouch.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Tom Goodman said...

MOre to the point, Brett Myers can't handle the relatively minimal pressure of starting a game with the bases empty. How, then, is he going to come into a game with men on including, potentially, the winning one(s)? He simply hasn't the temperament for a bullpen role.


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