October 22, 2004

Padilla makes shipments, leaves engravings

Phillies pitcher Vicente Padilla pitched five innings of shutout ball in Chinandega's home opener Tuesday night. Some would even say, the performance was from another dimension.

La Prensa, Nicaragua's daily paper, reported that Vicente Padilla pitched outstanding in his home debut with his hometown Chinandega Tigers Tuesday night. Here's the story, filtered through Alta Vista's translator:

Big leaguer Vicente Padilla last night offered five episodes of pitcheo of another dimension that will be left engravings in the memories of approximately the seven thousand fans who jammed the stage EfraĆ­n Tijerino de Chinandega, to be witnesses of the victory of their equipment 5-0 on the Lions.

Padilla, in its effort of 72 launchings, hits received two, struck to one, solely gave an intentional ticket and "it shot" to eight, including a five in row.

After a brief ceremony, because this it was the inaugural game for the Chinandega in its house, Padilla stood in the hill and it did not leave doubts of its level.

"He is incredible the difference between Padilla and the rest of throwers of Liga. When you are batting, you feel that there just the launching arrives. There is no time to make adjustments. I believe that she made shipments of 95 miles ", considers Oscar Mairena, the first batter who faced it.

Phillies fans are hoping for better engravings in 2005. He's reportedly scheduled to pitch every fifth day for three months with the Tigers.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Tom G. said...

1. The translation had me rolling on the floor.

2. How do the Phillies brass pheel about him pitching all winter? Wouldn't they prefer he NOT pitch?

3. As I was adjusting the links on my new blog, I realized you were still updating this site, for some reason I had thought you had suspended it for the winter. I'm glad I stopped by, good stuff!

4. What exactly is that adult beverage on the sidebar and will it gradually empty out as the winter wears on?

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Jason Weitzel said...

The beverage is supposed to imply that "anything goes" now that the season is over. But I realize it probably just looks like an oversize drink where New Jersey would be.

As for Vicente, I believe it was 2002, his all-star year, when he had that incredible first half following winter ball. In an article I read, it sounded like he got lots of pressure from his hometown to play this winter. But three months is an awful long time, and the team probably can't be happy about it.

Right now, there's no manager, no pitching coach, no nothing. His only link to the Phils is probably Amaro. I'm a little scared because there's been rumors of alcoholism.


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