November 05, 2004

Fall League Update: Howard continues hot hitting

Ryan Howard is turning into a consistent hitter; He hit well in spring training, crushed the ball at Reading, hit well at SWB, and hit well in his September call-up to Philadelphia. Now his average is hovering around .380.

This fall, his homers are down, and strikeouts remain high, but I think he is legit. What to do with him? Is he a back-up to Thome? Another year in the minors? Or trade bait?

I would trade Thome in a blockbuster deal to fill other needs, but that’s unlikely. I find it interesting that Thome’s replacement in CLE, Travis Hafner, had a better year.

Any other ideas?


At 3:51 PM, Blogger Tom G. said...


Trading Howard is the only option. No one else would want Thome's contract, the Phils would have to eat part of it. If you are trying to unload a headcase like Sosa, you eat part of the contract for the good of the team. But that isn't Jim Thome. Thome is a team guy who rakes and he is a known quantity. Keep him.

Tom G

At 2:52 PM, Blogger el123chico said...

i concur. thome's contract makes him untradeable. plus he is very popular with fans and teammates. and they made charlie manuel their manager for him. so he stays. either trade howard for some help elsewhere or teach the guy to play somewhere else. of course, with howard, thome, burrell, and abreau in the lineup that equals a lot of strikeouts.


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