December 28, 2004

Howard tops list of Phils prospects

Baseball America has released its list of the top ten Phillies prospects for 2005, headed by former Reading slugger Ryan Howard.

As expected, Howard was given the top spot following a year that included 46 home runs in the minor leagues. Though his strikeouts remain high, his power rivals that of any prospect, Baseball America said, which also gave him strong marks for surprising agility, underrated defense, and power from pole to pole.

The toss up for the second spot went to Gavin Floyd over Cole Hamels, last year’s No. 1 prospect. He fell to third due to concerns over his health, though they believe his ceiling is higher than Floyd's.

The rest of the free internet list is as follows:

1. Ryan Howard, 1b
2. Gavin Floyd, rhp
3. Cole Hamels, lhp
4. Greg Golson, of
5. Michael Bourn, of
6. Scott Mathieson, rhp
7. Jake Blalock, of
8. Carlos Carrasco, rhp
9. Edgar Garcia, rhp
10. Scott Mitchinson, rhp

Of these, only one, Cole Hamels, is expected to start the season in Double-A Reading, although OF Michael Bourn could see action as a late-season call-up.

BPF take
Favorite son, catcher Carlos Ruiz, failed to make the cut, but we’ll keep a lookout for the all-important honorable mention in the print addition. Other omissions of note include power prospect Juan Richardson, 3B, and power pitcher Keith Bucktrot.

All three players will likely begin the season in Triple-A Scranton.


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isn't it time to trade ryan howard?


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