December 30, 2004

Notes from Caracas, Venezuela

Baseball America has the latest numbers from the Venezuelan Winter League, where each team is required to have 10 million players on the roster.

For Leones de Caracas, hometown hero Bobby Abreu, a native of Aragua, VZ, popped by for six games, belted dos ding-dongs and dos double-baggers during season play. He's on the roster for the end-of-season round-robin tourney and got a hit in the first game yesterday, but Caracas took the loss. Washington Nationals pitcher Tony Armas, Jr. pitched five scoreless to earn the win.

Phillies utility pie thrower and VZ veteran Tomas Perez, Barquisimeto, VZ, is also in Caracas, where he's seen plenty of action at SS and 1B. In 47 regular season games, he only hit .247, but lead the team in walks with 23, raising his OBP to a not too horrible .332. Goodeye-goodeye-goodeye.

He didn't get a hit in last night's game however (0-4). Come on, Tomas, you can do it.

Tomas Perez

In the pen, Caracas can unleash Jorge Julio and Francisco Rodriguez in the late innings. The Caracas natives, who pitch for Baltimore and Texas respectively, equal a one-two punch better than some MLB clubs. During regular season play, Julio, who's not so great with Baltimore, and Rodriguez, who was great for Texas last season, shared closing duties with about 10 other guys, including former Philadelphia closer Wayne Gomes.

Gomesy went 1-0 with a 7.20 ERA in 17 games.

Julio and Rodriguez, by the way, are throwing to a savvy backstop, MLB veteran catcher Henry Blanco.

Henry Blanco


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