December 29, 2004

Sil Campusano research complete

Floating around the house this Christmas was Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Lineups. It's a great book, but the best feature is the all-bust lineup for each club. For the newer franchises like Toronto and Florida, the names are fairly recognizable.

Take Toronto. Playing CF for the all-bust Toronto Blue Jays is slender Dominican sensation and former Phillie Sil Campusano. Who can forget Sil.

Campusano, Sil, OF, Philadelphia
1990 66 85 .212 .269 .318
1991 15 35 .114 .139 .200

Thanks for the memories, Sil. Here's a link to the sabermetrics numbers for the readers who want more.

I remembered Sil best, not for his four hits in 1991, but because I had his baseball card, and I'm fairly certain he was a Donruss Rated Rookie, which meant he got to be in protective plastic. When I have time to sort through my old cards, his card will be in the stack, preserved in mint condition, worth all of five cents.

I did a search for Sil's accomplishments as a Phillie this afternoon during company time. I used the Reading Eagle Archives. Since I'm in the marketing department at the Eagle, linking to the archives should make up for the twenty minutes or so I spent researching Sil Campusano online. That, and I'll even throw in a plug from a personal friend of mine:

"Take it from me, Reading Eagle Archives is fantastic!"
Michael Jordan
Professional Baseketball Player

Back to the research. Here’s an article, in its glorious original form, on how the acquisition of Sil Campusano was going to be the spark the Phillies needed. (Article)

Other notes in researching Sil, there's a correction to the Neyer book where it talks about Sil Campusano. In the sidebar, Neyer wrote about the Blue Jays' plan whereby George Bell would move from left field to DH and Sil Campusano would take over in left field. He got the first part right, the second part half-wrong. Campusano was supposed to take over in center field, with Lloyd Moseby moving from center to left.

Neyer offers a special thanks to alert reader Neate Sager for the Sil Campusano corrections, and from the rest of the online baseball world, thanks, Neate. We can now take a deep breath and move forward.


At 5:11 PM, Blogger will travel said...

my memory is not perfect on this, but before Sil was drafted from Toronto, I think Jorge George Bell was drafted from Phils by Toronto. I think Jorge played at Reading

At 5:21 PM, Blogger will travel said...

Yes, according to Reading Phils archives, Jorge played in RDG in 1980


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