June 24, 2004

Kris Benson rumors

From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review: "Besides similar-sounding names, Gordon Blakely and Gordon Lakey had another thing in common Tuesday night. They were at Minute Maid Park for the purpose of watching Kris Benson pitch. Blakely is the senior vice president of player personnel for the New York Yankees. Lakey is the Philadelphia Phillies' director of scouting."

Comment: You can count on Benson to deliver one good start a month.

Gavin Floyd rumors

Information obtained by the Reading Eagle, and confirmed in Jason Stark's latest column on espn.com, reports that Gavin Floyd could be shipped to Philadelphia as early as Friday. With injuries to Randy Wolf, and a more significant injury to Vicente Padilla, Floyd, who's second in the Eastern League with a 2.35 ERA, appears to be the Phils best option to fill the rotation, since it's widely believed that ownership does not wish to add payroll through a deadline deal.

Comment: I think Ed Wade coddles his prospects more than he should, but I don't believe Floyd is ready to enter a pennant race. And if Floyd is considered the best option in the minors, then why is Philadelphia holding onto guys like Coggin, Junge and Hancock?

June 23, 2004

Millwood must turn it around tonight

There's a good column in the Inquirer today challenging Kevin Millwood to earn his keep. He's making $11M this season, making him the highest-paid starter in Phillies history since Kevin Millwood last season. He hasn't won a game in 7 starts, and with Padilla and Wolf on the mend, his turn in the rotation is even more important.

It seems like every game, L.A. points out flaws in his mechanics, and the flaws are always different. And his stamina is quite troubling; he has just enough to get you to the 5th or 6th, then there's a sharp drop and he starts hanging pitches.

Montreal is the place to straighten it out. Let's hope he delivers.

June 22, 2004

Kenny Lofton is not the solution

Listening to sports radio, you'd think Kenny Lofton was Richie Ashburn reincarnated.
Since Nails, fans have waited for a solid leadoff hitter, and now there are rumors the Phils will make a deal.
Lofton, a fine leadoff hitter during the Clinton era, spent much of this season on the DL, has just one steal, and is hitting right at league average (.275). The last time I checked, Jimmy Rollins, who is 11 years Lofton's junior, was hitting .274 with more steals and identical OPS numbers.
If you're going to talk about getting a new CF, Steve Finley is for rent. He's on pace to set a career-high in HRs with 17 dings already.

June 21, 2004

got to get into the swing of things

The Phils will lose some defense with Ledee or Michael in CF, and Marlon has done well in the field, yet he has to get his swing in the groove..so now is as good a time as any. I agree with management to get him away for a while, find his stroke and where did that power go? Also, anytime the Phils lead after 7, bring in Glanville. I'd give it a try a couple weeks.

Bye, bye Byrdie

The offensive struggles of Marlon Byrd are well documented, but are the Phillies sacrificing too much defensively by sending him to Scranton? He started slow last season, but he really looks like he doesn't have a clue up there. Bowa called his swing "robotic," which leaves you speed, and he only has two steals this season.
What happened to the power he showed in Reading? Until he gets something back, I'd rather see Ledee, who's swinging a hot bat.

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