January 04, 2005

Polanco flub and other tablescraps

News of the Placido Polanco arbitration debacle is really spreading, especially now that St. Louis needs a second baseman and Polanco would have been the perfect fit. One writer said the only team that got screwed more than Philadelphia was St. Louis.

But let's not forget Polanco, a good player, who got screwed most. Before the season ended, Polanco said he would consider returning the Phils in a utility role. But still; I couldn't care less about player happiness, but who can blame Polanco if he feels a little jaded by what went down? He might have started an entire season on the best team in the National League, but instead, stays in Philly, mired in a potential 2B controversy. The team will need written consent by Polanco to move him before June 15.

But what burns me up most about the Polanco mistake - and lets call it that - is the Phils were in position to do something very positive this winter, and that was shore up one hell of a bullpen. Imagine a pen that included LHP ground baller Steve Kline ahead of RHP Tim Worrell and CP Billy Wagner. And Ryan Madson in long relief? Who needs starters?

Vazquez to Phils rumors
Fanball.com reported Dec. 31 that Javier Vazquez might be on his way out of Arizona soon after he arrives from the Yankees in the Randy Johnson deal, with rumors swirling he may be headed to Philadelphia, Baltimore or Detroit.

ESPN.com also reported the Arizona Diamondbacks could trade SP Javier Vazquez to the Philadelphia Phillies for SP Randy Wolf.

The Phillies won't add payroll, with Ed Wade on record saying not to expect the Phils to be big market players any further this winter. Of the teams that can swing for Vazquez, Baltimore can. They finally have extra coin, and haven't done much with it.

Padilla, Myers omitted from calendar
Howard Eskin reported Sunday night on "Sports Final" that Vicente Padilla and Brett Myers were omitted from the 2005 official team calendar, though I haven't seen it to verify it. Instead of Padilla and Myers, a picture of the ballpark and Charlie Manuel were included.

In the past, the calendar has proven to be very revealing of a team's long-term plans, and the omissions should be taken as a sign that Padilla and Myers are being shopped around, Eskin said. Cleveland was the team Eskin mentioned, but in true King fashion, he didn't offer much by way of further details.

Around the blogosphere
Tom G. at Balls, Sticks, & Stuff has posted a donation link for tsunami relief. Tom Goodman at Swing and a Miss also weighed in earlier on the latest Phillies news, as did Brian at the Philling Station.


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