February 15, 2005

BPF welcomes new Berks neighbor

The name 'Phillies' isn't the only word in the title of this blog. There's also 'Berks,' which isn't as interesting, but deserves a little love.

So in keeping with our end of the bargain, we refer you to Al Walentis' "The Editor's Blog," the first Weblog dedicated to Berks County news, and some other stuff, too. The Editor's Blog is located on the Reading Eagle Web site, at www.readingeagle.com. (RSS feed.)

Be sure to check out Al’s heartwarming stories about Berks County and its people, like today’s story about a lunatic dressed in a monkey suit on the roof of Oley Valley High School. It's the second time in four years Oley, Pa. made AP headlines, the other was when maniac bus driver Otto Nuss kidnapped elementary school students and drove them to Maryland.

I'm reminded of a Jason Brudereck column in the Reading Eagle, when he asked readers to come up with a new motto for the city of Reading. My favorite:

"Reading: Come run with the pit bulls."

Bowa, Kalas on XM Radio today
Tom G. at Balls Sticks & Stuff caught today’s launch of the new MLB Channel on XM Radio. Larry Bowa, with co-host Mark Patrick, interviewed Harry Kalas. Tom offers some snippets from the broadcast, including some juicy stuff on Vicente Padilla.

UPN, ESPN kick off preseason baseball schedules
UPN 57 will air the first televised preseason Phillies game Sunday, Mar. 6 against Boston. It’s the first of six preseason games to be broadcast on either UPN or CSN.

On ESPN, Mike Piazza leads the New York Mets against the new Washington Nationals in the first of eight nationally-televised preseason games, Wednesday, Mar. 2 at 1 p.m.


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