February 21, 2005

David Bell contributes to new book

Phillies third baseman David Bell is a featured contributor in "Smart Baseball: How Professionals Play the Mental Game," written by his father and former major leaguer Buddy Bell. The book arrived in stores recently, despite an online publication date of March 1.

Though it's far from the most talked about book in baseball these days, Bell, with help from author Neal Vahle, study the differences between players with talent and players with competitive drive, intuition and intelligence.

Bell assembled thoughts from dozens of players and former players on the importance of a strong mental approach. Some of the contributors include Phillies pitcher Tim Worrell and GM Ed Wade. Former Dodger pitcher Orel Hershiser also features prominently in the book.

The Bells represent perhaps the most successful three-generation baseball family in history. Buddy Bell's other two sons, Rick and Mike - currently playing in AAA - also contribute to the book.

Gus Bell played in the Major Leagues from 1950 to 1964. Buddy Bell played from 1972 to 1989.


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