February 07, 2005

Final results of NL East poll

More than 50 percent of voters thought the offseason acquisition of CF Carlos Beltran will have the greatest impact on the NL East next season.

Beltran was considered by many the prize of free agency, and gives the Mets a much-needed run-producing threat.

85 voters took part in the survey, asking participants to select from 10 offseason moves.

The bulk of first-time participants were directed to the poll from the Mets-themed Always Amazin’ Weblog ... thanks for the link, Jason.

Carlos Delgado earned the second-most votes with 13, followed by Tim Hudson, earning 12 votes, including one from the Berks Phillies Fan.

Here are the final totals:
1. Carlos Beltran: 44
2. Carlos Delgado: 13
3. Tim Hudson: 12
4. Pedro Martinez: 9
5: Charlie Manuel: 3
6: Danny Kolb/John Smoltz: 3*
7: Nationals to Washington: 1
8-10: Jon Lieber, Al Lieter, Esteban Loazia: 0

* 2 votes for negative impact

BPF ranking:
1. Tim Hudson
2. Carlos Delgado
3. (Tie) Charlie Manuel & Pedro Martinez
5: Nationals to Washington
6: (Tie) Carlos Beltran & Jon Lieber
8: Danny Kolb/John Smoltz
9: Al Leiter
10: Esteban Loazia


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