February 16, 2005

Lieber article exposes media shortcomings

For those who haven't checked out Mike Berquist's Citizen's Blog, today is the day to discover why BPF is calling his site “one of the best Phillies resources anywhere.” And I’ll take this opportunity, too, to address why many baseball fans have grown critical of newspaper coverage.

Certainly, the accessibility of the Internet is hard to match, but I struggle to find breaking, cutting-edge information in established media these days.

It's no longer good enough for writers to skate by just because they have access to a call list and printing press. The Internet has broken down those walls. Now, it comes down to talent, adopting an issue, and filling a news void, especially since sites like this one extend far beyond where paperboys can travel.

I haven’t seen an article that dissects the Phils biggest winter signing, Lieber, anywhere, until today. And for my .50 cents, that doesn't cut it anymore.


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