February 22, 2005

Welcome Reading Eagle readers

Today marks the first day of Berks Phillies Fans access from readingeagle.com. Berks Phillies Fans is an independently-operated Web log established in June of 2004, offering alternative viewpoints on the Phillies and the world of baseball.

Jason Weitzel of Reading Eagle's marketing and promotions department serves as the sites's editor and lead writer. Martin Smith, avid fan and owner of Berkleigh Travel in Kutztown, also contributes.

For readers new to Berks Phillies Fans, or BPF for short, you won't find a whole lot of game coverage or headline news here. The site is designed to provide essays, analysis and opinion outside the mainstream of traditional baseball coverage. The Reading Eagle is still your primary source for the latest news from around baseball, including interviews and daily game coverage. BPF was established to inject unconventional perspectives and humor into the mix, and allow readers to do the same.

Baseball is the greatest sport in the world, and sites like this one exist all over the Internet. Groundbreaking baseball writers, such as Bill James, Rob Neyer, Peter Gammons and Jason Stark are just a handful of baseball minds that have embraced the Internet as the sport's unofficial roundtable.

So welcome, check back often, and contribute to the conversation. Let's go, Phillies!


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