February 23, 2005

Who bats two?

When the Phillies traded for Kenny Lofton, consensus was he'd fill the No. 2 spot in the lineup most games. And with that, let the first baseball debate of the Charlie Manuel era begin.

Third baseman David Bell is suffering reoccurring back spasms, and Placido Polanco, a prototypical No. 2, could regain a starting spot replacing Bell. Chase Utley enters the mix as a player with some speed and the ability to reach base. Jason Michaels will platoon in center and has hit second before, and Marlon Byrd, last year's opening day No. 1, could return to rookie-year form and provide speed at the top.

I see plenty of candidates to hit second. When it's all said and done, which Phillie would you like to get the most ABs out of the two-hole? Voting has already started, and it's anyone's game.

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