February 08, 2005

Who's Who of Spring Invitees

Getting invited to a tupperware party ain't so great, but these ex-Phillies would never turn down an invitation to spring training.

By Will Travel / BPF Correspondent

I'm fascinated with players that keep playing, holding out hope of keeping the career alive and a chance to put off working a regular job.

I wish these Ex-Phil invitees the best, but you won't be a contender with a rotation of these former STARTING PITCHERS:

- Terry Mulholland, Twins, (PHL 89-93,96)
- Andy Ashby, Padres, (PHL 91-92,00)
- Joe Roa, Pirates, (PHL 02-03)
- Russ Springer, Astros, (PHL 95-96)
- Bruce Chen, Orioles, (PHL 00-01)

Mike Morgan, beware. 27-year-old Chen is already with his 9th different organization.

With that group of starters, you’re certainly going to need these RELIEF PITCHERS:

- Toby Borland, Cards, (PHL 94-96)
- Turk Wendell, Astros, (PHL 01,03)
- Roberto Hernandez, Mets,(PHL 04)
- Jim Crowell, Marlins, (PHL 04)
- Eddie Oropesa, Cubs, (PHL 01)

Toby Borland

And for those of you with really great memories, some LESSER-KNOWN RANDOM HURLERS:

- Kirk Bullinger, Pirates, (PHL 00)
- Matt Whiteside, Blue Jays, (PHL 98).

Still no word on Omar Daal and Valerio de los Santos.

For the fine hurlers we’ve assembled, you need some fine CATCHERS:

- Bobby Estalella, Reds, (PHL 96-99)
- Kelly Stinnett, Diamondbacks, (PHL 03)

Playing very deep, you need the sure-handedness of these OUTFIELDERS

- Midre Cummings, Orioles, (PHL 97)
- Billy McMillon, Red Sox, (PHL 97)

Quite a year for Phillies outfielders in 1997. The Phils used six center fielders, 11 right fielders and eight left fielders.

Do the names Tartabull, Otero, Hudler, Magee, Barron, Daulton, Jeffries, May, Amaro, Butler, Robertson bring back fond memories? How about these PRETTY GOOD OUTFIELDERS:

- Reggie Taylor, Rockies, (PHL 00-01)
- Doug Glanville, Yankees, (PHL 98-02,04)

Sorry, no golden gloves for these INFIELDERS:

- 1b Shawn Wooten, Red Sox,(PHL 04)
- 2b Marlon Anderson, Mets,(PHL 98-02)
- SS Jose Flores, Dodgers (???)

OK, Flores never played in Philadelphia, but he was a farmhand from 94-99, somehow skipping Reading.

Also, Kevin Stocker cannot be located, and Chris Gomez was only a Phil on paper for about 48 hours and David Doster (PHL 96,99) usually gets invited, but because he has been in Mexico playing winter ball, he probably hasn't checked his mailbox recently.


- 3b Travis Chapman, Reds, (PHL 03)

Yes, Travis played 1 game with 1 AB.

Travis Chapman

If we included ex-Reading Phils the list gets too long, but I'm happy to see the Mets invited ex-BoSox and ex-Reading Phillie Andy, "The Singing Nun" Dominique ... "oh Dominique."

Andy Dominique

I hope I didn't miss anyone, and I am sure some invites are still in the mail.

Will Travel is an avid Phillies fan and global traveler based in Kutztown, Pa. He’s always interested in reading about the strange global pursuits of ex-players. E-mail him at martin@berkleigh.webmail.com.


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