March 22, 2005

The Phurnace: Fantasy owner weeps

Barry Bonds says the physical toll on his knee and the mental toll from the media may keep him out for the season. And to that, this fantasy baseball owner says "Suck it up!"

The old fantasy team was dealt a huge blow today, and I'm not talking about Eddie Oropesa optioned to minor league camp. is reporting Barry Bonds may miss the entire season to recover from multiple knee surgeries, and recover mentally from the constant pressures of the media.

Said Bonds: "You wanted me to jump off the bridge, I finally have jumped. You wanted the bring me down, you've finally brought me and my family down."

Boo-hoo. What about my fantasy team you big dolt? You can't expect Carlos Delgado to carry the HR load on his own.

So now what? I drafted arguably the best baseball player of all time, and paid the price. Luckily, I drafted Bonds' likely replacement, Pedro Feliz, as super-utility, but he can’t hold a candle to Bonds' production. I actually offered Feliz to another team straight up for Jose Reyes three days ago but was rejected. Now I’m thankful it didn’t happen.

At this point, I’m considering scrapping any effort to add speed in favor of replacing Bonds' power, which would mean Ceasar Izturis would go in favor of Khalil Greene or Jose Valentin. I may also need to dangle a stud starter – either Jason Schmidt or Tim Hudson – for a big bat.

In any event, I look forward to catching whatever scraps fall from the other boats into the free agent pool. Last year, a big tuna, Bobby Abreu, became available. You never know what might happen. I still think my team is in the top 5 of our league, but I know the other owners, once they catch wind of Bonds, will give my inbox the business. My boys, the Pottstown Energy, formerly the Virginville Phillies, are the most hated and feared team in our league.

It's a treat whenever the Phillies crossover into my 9 to 5 job. In the April 3 Sunday Reading Eagle, we’re launching a new size, new format TV book. I’ve chosen the Phillies season opener for our big feature, with Jim Thome on the cover. Jon Lieber and Jimmy Rollins will be featured inside. Here's a preview of the cover.

Since most of our readers are older and not savvy with the Internet, I plan on including a three-page synops of Gross Production Average, something for our readers to chew on before they watch "60 Minutes."

I’m not serious. But I did include a syndicated Q&A with Rachel Ray from the Food Network! Hello! Anybody?


This Fultz won't fizzle
Aaron Fultz pitched a perfect inning of work to drop his spring ERA to 2.08 yesterday. I won't jerk you around: I don't know jack about Fultz other than he’s a left-hander with MLB experience, fighting for a spot on a team that needs lefties.

Go Fultz. You're better than ... not Fultz.

Oropesa update
For those following the Eddie Oropesa saga, he was indeed optioned to Cubs minor league camp. Oropesa, a Cuban defector, pitched for the Phillies in 2001.

Tug's book in paperback
"Ya Gotta Believe!" by Tug and Tim McGraw is now available in mass market paperback.

Phillies blog update
Brian Michael is posting again at Phillies Nation. Also for new bloggers, Brian’s RSS feed is syndicated by just about every blog house known to man. Check out his syndicates and follow his example if you don’t think your stuff is reaching enough people.


At 5:33 PM, Blogger el123chico said...

yeah, there's no way you can catch my silky sweet team this year!!! although my undying love for B.L. Bonds does give me cause to weep at this news.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger el123chico said...

are you still in (alonzo) mourning?

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Jason Weitzel said...

I'll pull through. Nice, easy breathing.

Meanwhile, I'll wait for a certain nameless member of our league named Joe to drop a big player after hitting .200 April, like Abreu last year.



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