April 29, 2005

Killing time with stats

Watching the clock and waiting to go home? Join the club. Here are some stats to make the time go faster. Read them twice, there's only four of them.

* Bobby Abreu has the lowest double play rate in baseball, according to Baseball Prospectus. He hasn’t hit into one this season, earning a –2.98 rating, whatever that means. Plenty of other hitters haven’t hit into DPs this season, but according to their numbers, the way Abreu is playing he has the best chance at not hitting into one.

* Rheal Cormier has faced the third best collection of hitters this season, with hitters averaging 0.298 BA, 0.369 OBP, 0.467 SLG.

* Former Phillie Carlos Silva is ranked second best in baseball in double play rate for pitchers, according to Baseball Prospectus. He’s gotten hitters to hit into six of them.

* If the season would end today, Colorado’s Clint Barmes would be a unanimous choice for NL Rookie of the Year. He’s pulling a 15.3 VORP, with the next best Victor Diaz of the Mets with 10.9.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger mark said...

Abreu led the league in lowest DP rate last year, too. My guess is that hittng #3 with speedy runners ahead of you is a big help -- in 2003, Thome (who hit out of the #3 spot in about half his games that year) was the major league leader.


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