April 01, 2005

NL East shortstop poll

Readers are invited to vote for the NL East shortstop they believe will have the best season.

The choice is between Rafael Furcal, Atlanta, Cristian Guzman, Washington, Alex Gonzalez, Florida, Jose Reyes, New York Mets, and Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia.

Last season, Rollins led all National League shortstops with 26 win shares.

Win Shares is a statistic that takes all the contributions a player makes, in this case offense and defense, toward his team’s wins and distills them into a single number that represents the number of wins contributed to the team, times three.

If readers are still confused, don't worry. Win shares is simply a stat designed to assign value to how much a player contributes to his team. To put it in context, Barry Bonds had 53 win shares in ’04, Craig Biggio had 18, and Ricky Ledee had 0.

For more, follow this link to the Hardball Times.
And as always, readers are invited to comment on their selection on the post below.


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