April 06, 2005

What I really meant to say was ...

John Smoltz, my pick to win the Cy Young, was rocked for seven runs in 1 and 2/3 innings yesterday in a 9-0 loss to the Florida Marlins.

What I really meant to say was John Smoltz won't win the Cy Young, and the Marlins will win the division, not the Braves.

From Jason Stark today:

• In Smoltz's 3 1/2 years as a reliever, he faced the Marlins 29 times -- and allowed zero runs (in 31 1/3 innings). He then gave up five runs in his first inning back in the rotation.

• During Smoltz's relief-pitcher gig, he made 241 regular-season appearances (249 if you count the postseason) -- and allowed zero grand slams. Naturally, it took him exactly seven hitters to serve up a slam as a starter (to Juan Encarnacion).

• How weird was it to see Smoltz give up seven runs in one day? Two years ago, he gave up nine runs (eight earned) all season in relief.

It's a good thing Dimitri Young, my pick for MVP in my yet-to-be-published AL predictions, hit three home runs in his first game for Detroit. Pheew. I'm at least half brilliant.

2005 AL Predictions
I ran out of time on my AL Predictions, but here they are anyway, just to get them down in writing so my readers have something to use against me after the season:

1. Yankees
2. Red Sox
3. Blue Jays
4. Orioles
5. Devil Rays

1. Indians
2. Twins (WC)
3. Tigers
4. White Sox
5. Royals

1. Mariners
2. Angels
3. Athletics
4. Rangers

Comments: I'll take the Yankees to win the whole thing this year, beating my biggest surprise team, the Mariners, in the ALCS and Atlanta in the World Series. I view Seattle's rotation as all sleeper fantasy picks, their lineup as one of the best in baseball, with Adrien Beltre as a potential MVP. Hey! Richie Sexson is already off to a good start with two home runs. Curt Schilling, David Wells and Wade Miller open up too many concerns with health for me to go with Boston. I don't like the money they threw at Matt Clement, either. Even though Jaret Wright in NY is going to be exposed for the fraud he is, here's the rub: How can teams be expected to win in the postseason when Randy Johnson is on the mound with that group behind him offensively? If he holds up, he can pitch every three games. There's no answer for that.

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez, NYY (tie with Dimitri Young, DET)
AL CY: Randy Johnson, NYY
AL Rookie: Jeremy Reed, SEA

Darkhorse: White Sox
Potential Bust: Twins


At 4:07 PM, Blogger el123chico said...

victor martinez is going to win the al mvp award.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Jason Weitzel said...

You and everybody else that reads this site knows how much I value young catchers that can hit.

The Indians signed Martinez until 2009 with a team option for 2010 yesterday at about $3.2 million a year. What a steal. He could be the biggest bargain in baseball right now actually. He finished ahead of J. Lopez and J. Varitek last year in win shares.

I don't have him as MVP, but he's one of the reasons I have the Tribe winning that division.


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