May 02, 2005

The downward spiral of Dutch

My boss and fellow blogger Mike Zielinski offers a great piece on Darren Daulton today on Zeke’s Blog.

Zeke was a long-time sports writer for the Reading Eagle and continues to write online columns on pop culture, current events and sports.

Today, he writes about Dautlon's demise after the former Phillies all-star catcher was arrested recently for failure to appear in court on a probation violation. Dutch was also arrested in 2003 on a domestic battery charge.

A week later, his buddy Lenny Dykstra was accused of using steroids and gambling illegally during his baseball career.

On top of 10-14 April, it’s really been a month the Phils would rather forget, hasn't it?

Anyway, check out Zeke's site and tell him I sent you so I can earn some brownie points.


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