May 06, 2005

Robinson Tejeda by the numbers

The 23-year-old pitcher gets the call from Scranton as Tim Worrell will spend 15 days on the DL.

● Tejeda is definitely a strikeout pitcher, trying to shake off control problems that have haunted him over his career. He ranked fourth in the Eastern League in strikeouts last season with 133, but also surrendered the fifth-most walks with 59.

● Prone to give up the long ball. He set a Reading club record by allowing 29 homers, which also lead the Eastern League.

● He’s young, 23, but is in his seventh season with the organization and is one of several R-Phils that emerged from relative obscurity last season. He originally signed with the Phils as an amateur free agent in 1998.

● Having a very good season so far in Triple-A Scranton, posting a 2.22 ERA, but more importantly, has a 28-13 strikeout to walk ratio and has surrendered no home runs for the Barons.


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